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ApplicationRecord is a new superclass for all app models, analogous to app controllers subclassing ApplicationController instead of ActionController::Base.

Encrypted Rails Secrets on Rails

This gives apps a single spot to configure app-wide model behavior. When upgrading from Rails 4. In other words, successive 'before' callbacks are not executed, and neither is the action wrapped in callbacks. Instead, callback chains must be explicitly halted by calling throw :abort. When you upgrade from Rails 4. Note that this option will not affect Active Support callbacks since they never halted the chain when any value was returned. To continue using these methods in your controller tests, add gem 'rails-controller-testing' to your Gemfile. If you are using Rspec for testing, please see the extra configuration required in the gem's documentation.

Eager loading the application is part of the boot process, so top-level constants are fine and are still autoloaded, no need to require their files. Constants in deeper places only executed at runtime, like regular method bodies, are also fine because the file defining them will have been eager loaded while booting. For the vast majority of applications this change needs no action.

But in the very rare event that your application needs autoloading while running in production mode, set Rails. ActiveModel::Serializers::Xml has been extracted from Rails to the activemodel-serializers-xml gem. To continue using XML serialization in your application, add gem 'activemodel-serializers-xml' to your Gemfile. Rails 5 removes support for the legacy mysql database adapter. Most users should be able to use mysql2 instead. It will be converted to a separate gem when we find someone to maintain it.

Use byebug instead. Generally these changes are in parallel with rake, but some were ported over altogether. Run rails inside your application's directory to see the list of commands available. Calling params in your application will now return an object instead of a hash. If your parameters are already permitted, then you will not need to make any changes.

If you are using map and other methods that depend on being able to read the hash regardless of permitted? Files without a template handler in their extension will be rendered using the raw handler. Previously Rails would render files using the ERB template handler. If you do not want your file to be handled via the raw handler, you should add an extension to your file that can be parsed by the appropriate template handler. You can now use wildcard matching for your template dependencies. For example, if you were defining your templates as such:.

When tests are run in your application, the default order is now :random instead of :sorted. Use the following config option to set it back to :sorted. If you include ActionController::Live in another module that is included in your controller, then you should also extend the module with ActiveSupport::Concern. Alternatively, you can use the self. This means that if your application used to have its own streaming module, the following code would break in production mode:.

This default will be automatically configured in new applications. If existing application want to add this feature it will need to be turned on in an initializer. Rails 5 now supports per-form CSRF tokens to mitigate against code-injection attacks with forms created by JavaScript.

With this option turned on, forms in your application will each have their own CSRF token that is specific to the action and method for that form. Set the following in your config to true:. The default mailer queue name is mailers.

This configuration option allows you to globally change the queue name. Set the following in your config:. Set config. When using Ruby 2.

Encryption keys

Now, if you set a column equal to a String , Active Record will no longer turn that string into a Hash , and will instead only return the string. It is recommended that you do not set columns equal to a String , but pass a Hash instead, which will be converted to and from a JSON string automatically. Once it's been installed, you can simply drop a reference to the console helper i. A console will also be provided on any error page you view in your development environment. In the next version, these errors will no longer be suppressed.

Instead, the errors will propagate normally just like in other Active Record callbacks. See and for more details. In anticipation of this change, Rails 4. This allows you to either lock down the current behavior by setting the option to :sorted , or opt into the future behavior by setting the option to :random. If you do not specify a value for this option, a deprecation warning will be emitted.

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To avoid this, add the following line to your test environment:. When using a custom coder e. In Rails 5, the default log level for the production environment will be changed to :debug from :info. To preserve the current default, add the following line to your production. If you have a Rails template that adds all the files in version control, it fails to add the generated binstubs because it gets executed before Bundler:. It will be run after the binstubs have been generated. There's a new choice for sanitizing HTML fragments in your applications. This new sanitizer uses Loofah internally.

Loofah in turn uses Nokogiri, which wraps XML parsers written in both C and Java, so sanitization should be faster no matter which Ruby version you run. The new version updates sanitize , so it can take a Loofah::Scrubber for powerful scrubbing.

See some examples of scrubbers here. Two new scrubbers have also been added: PermitScrubber and TargetScrubber. Read the gem's readme for more information. The documentation for PermitScrubber and TargetScrubber explains how you can gain complete control over when and how elements should be stripped. Thus, tokens are validated by unmasking and then decrypting. As a result, any strategies for verifying requests from non-rails forms that relied on a static session CSRF token have to take this into account. Previously, calling a mailer method on a mailer class will result in the corresponding instance method being executed directly.

This should not result in any noticeable differences for most applications. However, if you need some non-mailer methods to be executed synchronously, and you were previously relying on the synchronous proxying behavior, you should define them as class methods on the mailer class directly:. The migration DSL has been expanded to support foreign key definitions. If you've been using the Foreigner gem, you might want to consider removing it. Note that the foreign key support of Rails is a subset of Foreigner. This means that not every Foreigner definition can be fully replaced by its Rails migration DSL counterpart.

User defined rake tasks will run in the development environment by default. If you want to use the new secrets.

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Create a secrets. Use rake secret to generate new keys for the development and test sections. If your test helper contains a call to ActiveRecord::Migration. Applications created before Rails 4. If you want to use the new JSON -based format in your application, you can add an initializer file with the following content:. This would transparently migrate your existing Marshal -serialized cookies into the new JSON -based format. When using the :json or :hybrid serializer, you should beware that not all Ruby objects can be serialized as JSON.

For example, Date and Time objects will be serialized as strings, and Hash es will have their keys stringified. It's advisable that you only store simple data strings and numbers in cookies. If you have to store complex objects, you would need to handle the conversion manually when reading the values on subsequent requests. If you use the cookie session store, this would apply to the session and flash hash as well.

Safi Secrets

Flash message keys are normalized to strings. They can still be accessed using either symbols or strings. Looping through the flash will always yield string keys:. Do not simply replace MultiJson. Using JSON. Rails 4. For most applications, this should be a transparent change. However, as part of the rewrite, the following features have been removed from the encoder:. If you need to keep old behavior with no millisecond precision, set the following in an initializer:. This behavior was never intentionally supported.